Analytic Task-oriented Intelligent Conversational Assistant

ATICA is an AFRL- sponsored, 3-year research project. In ATICA, we aim at developing the next generation of AI dialogue agents capable of sustained, fluid, goal-oriented, collaborative interaction with a human analyst on a variety of topics and across multiple domains. The dialogue agent assists human analysts in efficiently interacting with, navigating, and exploiting multiple structured and unstructured data sources and analytic services. ATICA is a new generation of human-machine dialogue system:

  • Based on neuro-symbolic technology that combines deep learning, structured knowledge, and sociolinguistic aspects.
  • Generates utterance plans: semantic and pragmatic structures that represent a speaker’s goals.
  • A Progression Function tracks dialogue progress towards this goal, giving ATICA a sense of “awareness.”
  • Interfaces with AFRL information environment to assist an analyst’s task

The figure below shows a schematic architecture of ATICA dialogue system