Simulator of Online Social Networks

SimON is developing a suite of models, methods, and tools for accurate simulation of the spread of information and evolution of influence in online social networks (OSNs) at scale. The project is part of DARPA 4-year SocialSim program 2017-2021.
SimON will incorporate novel, integral and complementary models into a comprehensive high-fidelity simulation environment, building upon insights from sociocultural and behavioral analysis, message content understanding, crowd psychology and collective beliefs, network topology and agent synchronicity, social network analysis, and information diffusion theories.
SimON’s complementary modeling capabilities include sociolinguistic, demographic and behavioral analysis; belief, sentiment, and bias detection; modeling of information flow and diffusion; user and community synchronicity; and temporal network prediction.


SimON incorporates:

  1. Novel approaches to represent network agents at multiple levels of aggregation and across heterogeneous environments
  2. Multi-resolution representations of social influence and synchronicity
  3. Models of interaction processes at scale such as community influence, information cascades, and information propagation and evolution in adversarial networks
  4. Automated summarization of in-network communication patterns and message content
  5. Validation of the simulation framework across multiple information environments.